A progression handler for pbPost() of the RPushbullet package.

  intrusiveness = getOption("progressr.intrusiveness.rpushbullet", 5),
  target = "gui",
  title = "Progress update from R",
  recipients = NULL,
  email = NULL,
  channel = NULL,
  apikey = NULL,
  device = NULL



(numeric) A non-negative scalar on how intrusive (disruptive) the reporter to the user.


(character vector) Specifies where progression updates are rendered.


The title of the note being posted.


A character or numeric vector indicating the devices this post should go to. If missing, the default device is looked up from an optional setting, and if none has been set the push is sent to all devices.


An alternative way to specify a recipient is to specify an email address. If both recipients and email are present, recipients is used.


A channel tag used to specify the name of the channel as the recipient. If either recipients or email are present, they will take precedence over channel.


The API key used to access the service. It can be supplied as an argument here, via the global option rpushbullet.key, or via the file ~/.rpushbullet.json which is read at package initialization (and, if found, also sets the global option).


Additional arguments passed to make_progression_handler().


This progression handler requires the RPushbullet package, a Pushbullet account, and configuration according to the instructions of the RPushbullet package. It also requires internet access from the computer where this progress handler is registered.


pkg <- "RPushbullet"
if (requireNamespace(pkg, quietly = TRUE)) {

  with_progress({ y <- slow_sum(1:10) })
#> Error : lexical error: invalid char in json text.
#>                                        ~/.rpushbullet.json
#>                      (right here) ------^
#> Warning: The 'rpushbullet' progress handler will not work, because RPushbullet is not properly configured. See help("pbSetup", package = "RPushbullet") for instructions. RPushbullet::pbValidateConf() reported:
#>     No configuration specified.  Assuming user meant: ~/.rpushbullet.json
#>     ~/.rpushbullet.json is not a valid JSON string or a file containing such.
#> M: Added value 1
#> M: Added value 2
#> M: Added value 3
#> M: Added value 4
#> M: Added value 5
#> M: Added value 6
#> M: Added value 7
#> M: Added value 8
#> M: Added value 9
#> M: Added value 10
#> [1] 55